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Christmas Lights Contest
Posted on 12/19/10

The votes have been counted by our community judges and the winners are:
O'Connors - 1st place
Palamara's - 2nd place
Arnone's - 3rd place
Kicinski's - 4th place
The judges also wanted to share a few observations about the neighborhood:
1. Brad Kicinski, who is 12, did ALL the lights and wiring 100% himself.
2. Everyone commented about how much they enjoyed the outstanding efforts on Hillcrest and Ridge - those folks really worked together as neighbors and deserve to be mentioned!!
Thank you to the Paulson family and all the judges for their effort to recognize those neighbors bringing a festive environment.
Congratulations to our winning families!
Comment By: Pat Kelley
Posted on Feb 10, 2011

The tree lights on Hillcrest and Ridge were amazing! Can't wait to see them again in 2011!!