Neighborhood Crime Watch

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Crime Reporting Tips
Every resident of Carmel must share in the responsibility of crime prevention.
One of the most effective ways to assist the Carmel Police Department is to report observed crimes and suspicious activities.
A person who observes a crime or suspicious activity should call:
emergencies 911; non-emergency 317-773-1282
  • Stay Calm
  • Speak Slowly and Clearly
  • Give as many details (CYMBALS*) as possible
  • WHO was involved in the incident
  • WHAT happened
  • WHERE did the incident occur
  • WHEN or at what time did the incident occur
  • WHY did the incident occur
  • HOW did the incident occur
C = Color of vehicle or plate of car or person
Y = Year (of car or age of person)
M = Make of car or Race of Person
B = Body of Car or Structure of person
A = Antenna of vehicle or Attire of person
L = License Number of Car or Looks of person (hair, beard etc)
S = Sex of person (Male/Female)
Vacation Checks
The Carmel Police Department provides vacation checks on residences as a service to its citizens. Upon form submission, requests are available for officer review and action.
    For more information, visit the Carmel Police's "Vacation Checks" page.